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6 Tips before buying your engagement ring!

Engagement Ring Buying tips from Martin Nagel Manufacturing Jewellers. Buying an engagement ring for your loved one can seem rather confusing these days, especially with all the choice and technical details that come with such a purchase. With all this to consider we decided to try and make this a little simpler for you. Your final ring choice is governed by a number of factors, including: What your budget is going to be. What metal your partner wants the diamond size, diamond colour and clarity. Even the diamond shape makes a difference to the cost. What matters is that you pay for something reflecting your budget and shows your true feelings towards your partner. View the charts below to find more info on engagement ring buying tips.

1. Decide your budget – Two months’ salary is normally what the average person is willing to pay. The key is to make sure you are comfortable with what you can afford.

2. Metal type – Check your partners existing jewellery, they might like Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or prefer a whiter metal, such as White Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Silver. The Cost will vary depending on the type of metal you choose. Platinum is the most expensive followed by Gold, Palladium and finally Silver. The most common metal used for engagement rings is either White Gold or Platinum.

engagement ring buying tips

3. Diamond Size – The average diamond carat weight used in engagement rings is estimated at between 0.37 – 0.50 carats.


4. Diamond Colour – The colour of a diamond will affect the price of the jewellery item you have in mind to purchase. So if you have a prized diamond ring in mind, be careful to check for its colour. grade. Expect to pay less for a diamond that is graded below the grading of D.

Diamond Colour

Diamond Colour Chart – We have provided you with a handy diamond colour chart to show how each diamond is scored. You will see a slight colour change in each diamond. However even when we applied a slight change to our diamond images, the changes are almost not noticeable. The same is for real diamonds. It’s hard to detect a minor colour fluctuation with the naked eye

5. Diamond Clarity- When it comes to the clarity of a diamond you need to be aware of internal inclusions and surface defects called blemishes. Diamond clarity is a quality of diamonds relating to the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions, and surface defects called blemishes.


Diamond Clarity

Understanding the grades to pricing

FL – Flawless is the rarest of diamond finds. If you select this kind of grade when in buying mode, expect the price to be very expensive, as this represents perfection.

IF – Internally Flawless is also considered quite rare. The price point is still expensive but should be less expensive than a flawless diamond.

VVS – Very, very small inclusion The price point should be less expensive when compared to a FL and IF diamond grade.

VS – Very small inclusion. A skill grader should be able to see inclusions in the diamond. With this in mind the price point is lowered but the diamond quality is still very high.

SI – Small Inclusion The inclusions within the diamonds are now slightly heavier and easy to see, still only by a skilled grader using 10 x magnifications. This makes the price point affordable when compared to a FL graded diamond. However, this still makes for a stunning diamond and will look great on a diamond pendant or engagement ring purchase.

6. Diamond Shape – The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut. Depending on the type of shank you choose it does tend to show off the diamond very well. The round definitely scores high on overall BLING & WOW factor.

Diamond Shapes


Engagement Ring Buying tips brought to you by Martin Nagel.

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