Trade, Sell or Remodel Your Old Jewellery

Do you have old or broken jewellery hidden somewhere like in your sock drawer? Perhaps you have valuable gold there that you can exchange or sell.

At MNMJ We buy old gold and platinum jewellery. We also buy most diamonds and precious stones. Make an appointment with us to bring in your old jewellery for assessment. We will estimate the value for you and either issue you a Credit Note for a brand new piece of jewellery or pay you the cash amount on the spot.

We have state-of-the-art equipment on-site to analyse the metal and check the stones. This way we can ensure that you are paid fairly and accurately for your goods.

Alternatively, we can also redesign your old jewellery for you. If you feel it's time to breathe new life into your old jewellery, we can use your existing diamonds, gemstones or metal and give it a new look. We use the old gold as credit for a brand new piece, so you can reclaim your bragging rights!

There's simply no point in hanging onto old pieces that don't enrich your life anymore - make an appointment for a consultation with us today. Out with the old and in with the new!

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Custom Jewellery Design & Manufacture

We provide top class service from design concept and 3D CADs through to final fit and finish, using only the very best materials available.

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Your unique style and vision for your dream jewellery is what we cater to and we specialise in creating engagement rings and wedding bands that can be passed down for generations to come. Whether you prefer something dainty and minimalist or something bold and daring, there is no limit to what we can create for you.

Supply of Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones

We boast a vast and breathtaking collection of gemstones readily available for purchase and if we do not have it in stock we can source any gemstone your heart desires.

Ring, Resizing

Finger Measurement & Ring Resizing

Making sure your finger size is perfectly correct is one of those things that is frequently overlooked. As part of our commitment to above-average delivery, we offer this service free of charge to all of our clients.

GIA, Diamond, Certificate, Supply

Supply of Certified Diamonds (Natural & Lab-Grown)

We supply GIA And EGL Certified Diamonds, both Natural and Lab Grown.

Laser, Engraving

Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting

Whether you require a cut-out, a Signet Ring Crest or just a simple inscription we can offer you tailored laser engraving to meet your needs.

Repair & Re-cutting of Diamonds & Gemstones

With our own in-house Gem Cutter, we can create the stone of your dreams as well as repair or reshape any that you might already have.

Valuation, Certificate, Report

Valuation Certificates & Insurance Replacement Quotes

Helping you to ensure that all your necessary paperwork is nicely in order, we can assist you with Valuation Certificates for your jewellery as well any Insurance Replacement Quotes you may require.

Laser, Jewellery, Repair

Laser Jewellery Repair

Using state-of-the-art equipment we ensure that your jewellery pieces are perfect and as good as new.

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We Buy Diamond, Gold & Gemstone Jewellery

If you are looking to sell or trade your existing jewellery, we are happy to assist with this.

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We LOVE what we do...

At Martin Nagel Jewllers, we have a dedicated team that loves working on the jewellery our customers come to love wearing. From the designers to the jewellers, to the setters to the polishers: Every part of the process is carried out with passion and dedication. Our small team of experts ensures that every piece of jewellery that leaves our workshop is something to behold and brings a smile to our customers' faces. This is our identity and our promise.