Trade, sell or remodel old Jewellery

Do you have old or even broken jewellery hidden in your sock drawer? You might have valuable gold there that you can exchange or sell with us.

We buy old gold and platinum jewellery. We also buy most diamonds and precious stones. Make an appointment to bring in your old jewellery. We will estimate the value and either issue you a credit note for a new piece of jewellery or pay you on the spot.

We have state-of-the-art equipment to analyse the metal and check the stones for lab-grown diamonds. This way we can ensure that you are paid fairly and at the right price.

We can also redesign your old ring. If you think it's time for a more modern design, we can use your existing diamond or gemstone and give it a new look. We use the old gold as credit for a brand new and modern design, so you can reclaim your bragging rights.

What are you waiting for, rummage through your sock drawer and make an appointment for a consultation today...

We LOVE what we do...

At Martin Nagel Jewllers, a dedicated team LOVES working on the jewellery our customers LOVE to wear.
From the designers to the jewellers. From the setters to the polishers. Every part of the process is carried out with passion and dedication. Our small team of experts ensures that every piece of jewellery that leaves our workshop is something to behold and brings a smile to our customers' faces.

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